The Howard County Science Fair is an annual event that allows students to compete academically. This year’s event will be held on:

Saturday, February 14, 2015


All students benefit by participating in this fair because it is not about how much science they can recite or how quickly they can solve math problems. Instead, it is about the scientific method: how well can they select a problem and work toward a solution to that problem. Not only that, but the training in logic and communication they receive through this process will serve them throughout their entire lives.

We would like to thank Haynes International for being the primary sponsor of the Howard County Science fair with their annual support. Eric Chevrolet, IUK, and several individuals also financially support the event each year. Last year, $4,400 was given in prize money to the incredibly hard-working young people who participated.

Get Involved

Registration for the event will take place online in February, but your child can begin planning a project today! The Howard County Science Fair website has links, hints, and rules that can help them do just that.

To learn more, contact either Dr. Marcia Gillette or Ann Ihms:

Dr. Marcia Gillette
Indiana University Kokomo
(765) 455-9369

Ann Ihms
Criterion Water Labs, LLC
(765) 438-4995