Indiana: an ordinary name, an ordinary state–right? Let’s put it under the scope for a wee bit.

When I was in military service from 1941-1945, I was in a tropical climate the entire four-and-a-half years. I grew so sick and tired of the heat, perspiration, mosquitoes, and snakes that I said, “If I ever get back to Indiana, I will never complain about the weather again.” But I forget–and complain.

Obviously, I was missing the distinct four season changes of my native state, Hoosierland.

Wintertime. Snow, kids and sleds, a lifetime of fun memories, basketball, big schools and little schools, Christmas and dreaming of snow (regardless of how much), a New Year and a new start (a better year, even if the past year was a good one), a greater appreciation of the warmth of the past summer, and anticipation of the coming summer.

Springtime. Warm, bright, sun-shining days, and a promise of even better ones in the future; the awakening of trees, grass, and flowers; magical things in nature happening; the aspiration of a vegetable garden; time to prep the fishing equipment; and, above all, magical, strong, and automatic inspiration from the new world created by God!

Summertime. Swimming, cookouts, picnics, comfortable summer clothing, and vacation. A chance to enjoy some of God’s awe-inspiring creation (it’s very plentiful).

Autumn. Beautiful, comfortable days; cooking; fall leaf coloring; an awesome colorful time for many tree species; and the reward of a bountiful harvest, an item that Indiana is very rich in: corn, soybeans, oats, hay, nuts, fruit, and much more!

All of the above solidly reminds us of the aged and well-known poem “Ain’t God Good to Indiana?”

The happy tune when I returned home in 1945 was “Back Home Again In Indiana.”

At the beginning of this article, we put the beloved state of Indiana under the microscope. It’s time now to look at the results. Our fair state passed the test easily; not perfectly, but with a grade of excellent!

Each of our beloved 50 states has its fair share of beauty! Our blessed Hoosierland scores very well!

Praise God!


About the Author

Harry Dishon is a retired veteran living in Howard County. He and his wife Joan recently recorded some of Harry’s recollections as a child and as a soldier, and we are honored to be able to share these memories with you. Periodically, we will post selections from Harry’s writings on our Military Appreciation page, so please come back and share some of Harry’s insights and memories.