Love vs. Hate

If ever a human opened up a keg of worms as a subject, love versus hate is it! Everyone in life experiences one or the other or both of them. They are basic and inescapable.

For the sake of brevity and simplicity, let’s call the combination “complexity.” Due to “complexity,” movies have been made, books have been written, rivers of tears have been shed, murders have been committed, and many suicides have happened.

What is the birthplace of love and of hate? The answer to that question is rather obvious to many, many people. The birthplace of love is with God; that of hatred is with Satan.

In general, if the bulk of population in the world had their wish, hatred would be eliminated. There are exceptions to that statement, of course; some of them being heads of state; therein the plot thickens.

Satan also works overtime in the lives of nearly all mankind. Many times Satan sneaks in–he is there before individuals are aware of his presence.

Vast multitudes of people appear to have little understanding that complexity is most effectively defeated by the great, deep, blessed, sacred and most beautiful love of God!

Certainly an attitude of “love thy neighbor” and fervent prayer would help greatly!


About the Author

Harry Dishon is a retired veteran living in Howard County. He and his wife Joan recently recorded some of Harry’s recollections as a child and as a soldier, and we are honored to be able to share these memories with you. Periodically, we will post selections from Harry’s writings on our Military Appreciation page, so please come back and share some of Harry’s insights and memories.